(Italiano) Daniela Corbascio

Giostrick and The Puzzle Family Art Show _ 25 september – 10 october 2012

Sud _ 27 september – 21 october 2013

Due _ 2 July – 20 September 2014

Daniela Corbascio _ 6 Giugno – 24 Settembre 2016

Daniela Corbascio, Bari, 1960. Has taken part in many personal and international art exhibitions, such as: La Biennale di Venezia Padiglione Puglia 2011; Ritorno a Venezia, Museo Pino Pascali 2011, Venezia; “La porta sul mare” ambient installation, Provincia di Bari 2000, Bari; Reflex, Museo Pino Pascali 2008, Polignano a Mare;  National Gallery, Scopje 2008 Macedonia; Galleria Bonomo Giornata FAI 2008;  Pall Mall Gallery, home my place in the world 2012, London;  Intramoemia extract, Castello Alfonsino 2010 Brindisi; Il Giardino Segreto, Castello svevo 2013 Bari. The SUD art piece gets his genesis in 2004 as a 130 meters neon installation destined to appear on the apulian chief town’s seaside’s breakwaters, over the course of the years the artist has fractioned her art piece in three installations 2,5 meters each long, placed in different sites of the city.   The three chosen sites form a precise route: starting from one of the Castello Svevo’s towers, city culture’s neuralgic center, passing by the BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas in the city’s commercial core, finishing in the Circolo della Vela diBari, situated in the Teatro Margherita. The three installations gain a suggestive function as signposts, escorting the users on a journey to the south. The project goal is to bring contemporary art on the urban territory gaining a closer relation with the public while giving the ambient a new identity. So, the SUD art piece starts fromBari: a starting point for an ambitious project of migration inItalyand abroad. Texts in the catalog of Pietro Marino, art critic and journalist and Marica di Pierri, journalist and militant www.asud.net