Fresh Flaneurs_June 25th – September 14th 2013

Due_July 2nd – September 20th 2014

Città effimera_June 16th – September 30th

“Sam3, 1980, lives and works in Murcia (Spain)”: this is the only information on his biography that the artist shares on his website, since he strongly defends his anonymity and runs far away from the spotlight of medias. Faithful to the clandestine and against-the-system nature of the new urban art, Sam3 prefers talking through his mural works – often monochrome, focusing on the human figure- realized around the world, on the walls of Madrid, Bethlem, Buenos Aires, San Francisco and São Paulo. Hostile to definitions, Sam3 considers “urban” an unnecessary adjective for his work, that is so sensible to  the suggestion of the environment, as much as to the sight of the random public of the street. His poetical and ironical unconscious takes form through an asonishing speed in the realization and competence, preferably on wide surfaces, making use sometimes of anamorphic rapresentations, that is to say figures assuming a real shape only from a certain perspective. Sam3, after the fresco on the tympanum of the Caserma Rossani, realized a big mural on the facade of the congress building of the Fiera del Levante, a work inspired from the visual contest that he describes as a “swimmer of the ruins”.