Domingo Milella
30 Settembre - 30 Novembre 2016

“It’s several years I have chosen photography as my favorite language. This unique piece of art includes the main destinations in 15 year of research, exhibited on the basis of their archive order, chosen for their nature of function, discovery and chronological order. They are the skeleton itself of an archive counting  about 1.000 photographs. The whole work is contact printed from 20×25 cm negatives. This artwork, in constant progression, is a voyage of tireless dedication to a single artistic practice. Each negative printed 1:1 was with me in front of these signs, languages, landscapes, towns, trees, ruins, caves, forests, mountains, cemeteries, streets. While proceeding in this journey, in few years, all around me the nature of images has accelerated in speed, quantity and function. When I started touching and smelling photographs, a certain dimension of memory and expectation still existed. What is happening to time now? To images? To our selves? Photography was born as a trap of memory and time. Nevertheless, today more than ever, communication in our civilization is rooted in new images and speed.  Photographs are undiscussed protagonists of our present. Much more then written words, images are ready for the future, but are we?  This present appears to me as illusion and timeless illustration, a narcissistic representation of an unstable self. INDEXING 2001/20016 coagulates the style, the mark, the alphabet and the shadow of my whole research, of many of my dreams and questions not to a distant past but to an extreme present. It’s a labyrinth, but also a spelling-book for the research of my own language. Here the world has traced the path, the territory drew the map, the journey coined my imaginary. The dwelling, the thinking, the destroying, the reading, the deleting, the lack of decoding. I desperately sought authoritative, synthetical and meaningful images about time, evoking questions on history and mankind, from the suburbs to downtowns, from the contemporary to the archaic world. The ruins I found are from a lost but organic present, senses and matter, not ideas nor ideology. This artwork is question and answer at once, a path of  attempts, mosaic of spread pieces. I always believed photography might be this; Traveling Time.” Domingo Milella