Elena Cologni
7 - 27 marzo 2014

Friday 7th of March Doppelgaenger Gallery hosts the special project Balancing by Elena Cologni, Italian Artist based at Wysing Art Centre near Cambridge, in the UK.
Balancing  is the second phase of a site specific project developed in the context Radio Materiality, curated by cultural association Vessel in  Bari in the summer of 2013.
For the latter, the artist engaged through dialogues with mums living and working in the city, instrumental for an investigation into the sociological aspect of the notion of trust. The dialogues, translated in a collection of sound documents, have been presented at the Athens Biennale in 2013.
The second phase, brings various elements of the project together as a performative installation. The artist has realized ten custom made wooded spin tops with a graphite finished point. The spintop – in the local jargon ‘Virruzzo’ – better than any other object represents a tension towards an alterable balance,  never still, just like the one between a mother and her own child. The public will be able to participate in the performance as a game, allowing the spintops to draw their journey down a fabric made Cologni will construct on the two flights of the staircase in the Gallery. 

The project Balancing is manifestation of, and search for, equilibrium at the same time. It points at a social realm in constant evolution, where that very balance becomes unstable and precarious.  Within this context mothers act as axes of rotation for taking history forward in new terms.
The spin tops’ trajectories will be recorded by  cameras and projected live in the video room.

The performative installation is activated only on the opening night. The show will include a series of drawings and sculptures exhibited in the gallery until 27th of March.
A text by Anna Santomauro will be included in the catalogue