Pino Pipoli
4 Febbraio - 4 Marzo 2017

The artist has chosen the spaces of Tender to Doppelgaenger in order to set-up his personal time capsule, a distillation coming from a pile of boxes closed for years.

“The most encouraging aspect of epistolary kindness, as in every ritual, is repetition. Nothing anguishes us as much as mutation. A slender path between the two worlds is variation: illusory mutation, eluding repetition in order to confirm continuity”. Giuseppe Pontiggia

Pino Pipoli is an artist with a complex background and knowledge. A fugitive interpreter of reality, who has assimilated and adopted different research tools over the years, he doesn’t simply concern himself with observing the contemporary scene, but also stimulates a more aware and sometimes alarming knowledge of the problems associated with it. Throughout his work he develops an expression in continuous evolution which laces through scenographic and sonorous visions or pure imagination. (Achille Bonito Oliva). Painting, installation, sound, video and performance blend together in intimate settings, where background and collective life are glimpsed and explored with an impalpable equilibrium between irony and dramatic visions. Born in Molfetta and growing up in Bari, he moved to Germany at the end of the 1980s , where his work is on show in several galleries, museums and international video art exhibitions. Having moved back to Italy in 2002, he currently lives and works in Milan and Leghorn.