Daniela Corbascio
Daniela Corbascio
6 Giugno - 24 Settembre 2016

The artist is back exhibiting at our galley, with a huge exhibition dedicated to the last 20 years of her personal research, after Sud, urban art project which committed her in installing delicate light signs in the urban texture of her own city.
The artist’s stylistic hallmark is made of big environmental installations, realized with many different materials, giving back works with a strong visual impact, where the light of the neon espouses now delicate pieces of a bridal dowry, now the hardness of a steal frame.

 A critical text by Adriana Polveroni will be included in the catalogue.

 In the occasion of the opening of Daniela Corbascio’s exhibition, Doppelgaenger gallery is glad to celebrate the opening of a new space, tender to Doppelgaenger, which will accompany from now on, the work of the galley: a showcase in the neuralgic center of Bari, Via Bozzi 73, which will host, time by time, a site specific installation by the artist invited in our main location.