4 dicembre 2013 - 15 febbraio 2014

The artists invited to create the scenario of this show, each coming from very different artistic and technical experiences, gather for a common research: what is the role of drawing and of its possible evolutions nowadays? In the contemporary art landscape in which installation, video art, performance and relational aesthetics absorb the role of protagonists, what importance has to be still given to drawing, the most antique form of art? What is its significance in the thoughts of the artists, especially for those who work according to methods being very far from the pure union between sign and surface?
Special attention will be given to the support, to which the title clearly refers. The idea of the sheet covers a miscellaneous spectrum of keys: from paper to digital animation, from the most elementary and concrete sign in the execution to the most articulate ones, even until the reaching of the virtual approach.
Daniela Corbascio, Gael Davrinche, Tony Fiorentino, Silvia Giambrone and Carolin Jörg – formerly guests at Doppelgaenger – will flank the English James Brooks and Matthew Watkins, the French Sarah Jérôme and the Italians Bonetti, Vincenzo D’Alba, Ilaria Facchin, Laurina Paperina, Christian Rainer, Marta Roberti, Stefano Romano, Giuseppe Teofilo with them.