Il fondo sale alla superficie (senza cessare di essere fondo)
Marta Roberti
20 Novembre 2015 – 30 Gennaio 2016

The works purposed are product of visions and thoughts on the idea of nature, developed by the artist during a residence period in the forests of the nature park Yangminshan, in Taipei. The “nature” examined by the artist is not perceived just as a place to go through, but also as a powerful and informal construction solving itself in an inexorably semiotic experience.

The artist will present a multimedia installation composed by projections of animated drawings, and a series of drawings carved on carbon paper (removed by scraping), organised in the spaces of the gallery as a perceptual path through realistic representations of exotic landscapes, accompanied by quotes meant as a filter for the sight of the natural environment, but carved upside down, as a homage to the exultet held in the diocesan museum in Bari, which the artist visited during a residence period.

Light box and other drawings will also be part of the exhibition. 

In the catalogue an interview by Chiara Bertola.